OLOVO, LLC is a leading supplier of low-alpha lead products to the semiconductor industry.  An essential material for reducing 'soft errors' in sensitive flip-chip applications, the demand for low-alpha lead solder is growing.  Soft errors are mistakes in logical calculations induced by positively charged particles colliding with logic components in embedded memory and high speed integrated circuits.  Traditional solder materials used in flip-chip interconnect are naturally imbued with alpha emitting particles and thus cause unacceptable error rates in the circuit devices.   

Naturally occurring lead contains the unstable isotope 210Pb which decays into 206Pb by way of 210Bi and 210P0 emitting a 5.3MeV alpha particle.  This lead emits 10 to 100 alphas/cm2/hr.  OLOVO low-alpha lead based products are available in three grades ranging from less than 0.05 to 0.01 alphas/cm2/hr, well within required radio-purity specifications for semiconductor applications.  

For sensitive integrated circuit applications, in particular those with small transistor geometries and high frequencies of operation, high rates of alpha emission from the interconnect material results in high failure rates.  Relative to the high cost of wafer fabrication, OLOVO low-alpha lead based products provide an effective and inexpensive solution to the problem of soft errors. 



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